Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Because we couldn’t afford a website

Hello folks!

Righty-o. So who’d have actually thought that the words Adeline Lee, Karen Wong, and a blog would ever fit into a sentence 2 years ago? Well, welcome to the year 2004/2005, where Alias was once good, and the impossible is happening. Yeap. That’s right. We’re in business, mates!

So, welcome to our blog, aptly titled “The weird, the wacky + the random”. Cause this is really not your everyday run-of-the-mill kindda blog. No daily postings about what is going on in our lives. No ranting and raving about that time where we stubbed our toes simultaneously on our couches (because the odds of that happening are so damn high). No. None of those, we assure you.

What we do offer instead is our world (as we see it).

The Ad: For all those who have heard me going on and on about how blogs are complete crap (which I still think they are), you might be wondering why-oh-why I’m starting one. I’m such a walking contradiction =) Because HTMLs were made to give people migraines and cause excessive teeth grinding, I will not subject myself to such abuse (add to the fact that the cost of hosting a website will burn further holes in my already-ragged wallet). Therefore, this will be a semi-amateur version of a website. So shove it in your pipe and smoke it.

The Karen: …

So eat our shorts and smile.