Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Because y'all didn't get it...

So, correct us if we're wrong but a blog is basically an online journal - a place to spill about your feelings, your day, your week, your month, and that time you were spastic and could not drop Optrex drops into your infected eye. (Lol. Refer to Chen Chou. Sorry man. You're just too freaking hilarious). But "The weird, the wacky + the random" isn't a place to pen our frustrations or feelings. The point of this blog, and no, it's not solely focused on reality TV, is to allow Adeline and Karen to share our conspiracies with the world in the hopes that the world will respond, be it good or bad (Ie: Discussions or comments). Cause the world, as we view it, shouldn't just be evaluated on the surface level. What we think, is that there are more to stuff than the eye can see and the brain can conprehend - conspiracies.

Our history: It might look like we have caved to increasing peer pressure to jump on the blog bandwagon but in all honesty, we only decided to do this because we couldn't afford a website (Hence the first post, not coincidentally) It's like this. We've always wanted to create a site where we could share our conspiracies to the public. This, of course, after discovering that we each had not-completely-conventional opinions about everyday events, and after watching this really cool episode of Alias in Season 1, where there was an 'extra' who mentioned the URL
It's a long story.

So, we checked it out and it turns out money is involved in the creation of a website. Not just any kind of money, but US currency kinda money. We're talking US$19.99 at the very least. Disappointment set in a for a little while. Then Karen came up with this kooky plan to carry on our original idea through hosting a blog. And she was pretty apprehensive because as we all know, dearest Addie isn't too friendly towards blogs. Thankfully though, Ad dug deep and decided that for the good of it all, her particular dislike towards blogs had to be put aside.

Thus, much like how God said "Let there be light, and there was light", Ad and Karen said, "Let's do it", and as you are obviously reading, this is it.

Here's to hoping that y'all don't reach the end of this post and still go, "Huh?". C'mon. Bring on the lightbulb. *ting*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's to u guys --> one big HUH????!!! lols.


January 30, 2005 at 12:35 AM  
Blogger jolene said...

It doesn't cost thatttt much for a website. I think it's about RM15 - 20 a month. Or maybe like RM60 a year. Something like that. But you could actually also get a website for free, hosted by someone else. Like if someone already has a website of his/her own and wants too share space.. then you get it for free.

But a website's more difficult to maintain, compared to a blog. =)

February 5, 2005 at 4:32 PM  

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