Sunday, July 10, 2005

Because it's so much easier being the winner than the loser...

The scene of the crime : Central London 2005
Type of crime : 'Terrorist' attack
Perpetrators : Why.. Gee whiz. Who else could it possibly be but Muslim fundamentalists?

If Sept 11 will go down in history for anything, it'll be for creating a whole new awareness regarding Muslims in the western sphere of the globe. The gapping flaw in American internal security pre-2001 comes in a close second though. Of course, any prospective traveller or student can assure you that that problem has been rectified.

The unfortunate events that have unfolded in London over the last couple of days no doubt signifies the horrors of reality. Somehow these days, human lives are just expendable. Sad but true. Anyways, what sets this tragedy apart from the Bali bombings or other acts of terrorism, Ad and I think, is the external factors that lead up to the incident. Not making much sense? Keep going..

Prior to the attacks, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) were gathered in Singapore to decide where the 2012 Games will be hosted at. (To the ignorant, China has got dibs on 2008). Recollecting from what I read but if memory serves, it was between five countries: Spain, Russia, London, France, New York. Suffice to say that when it came down to crunch time, the two countries on the line were London and France. In the end, London walked away the proud host(ess?) of the 2012 Games; a mere four votes ahead of France (54-50).

Cut to real time, not even 24 hours after the decision, the bombs go off in London. A serious case of really atrocious sportsmanship from the French? We're thinking, "Hell yeah!". See, if you think about it, all the other terrorist attacks happened unexpectedly. By that I mean, without much warning. It was just kinda random. Now this happening not even a day after the results of the IOC...

Does it smell kinda fishy in here or what?


Anonymous YM said...

Hmmm... starting to go political, huh? Hehe... anyways, I think the bombers just wanted to pick the perfect time so that the impact would be amplified. As the whole of England was only beginning to celebrate their victory about getting the rights to host the Olympics, no one would've anticipated such a thing to happen. So they got caught out pretty badly..

July 14, 2005 at 10:37 PM  

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