Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Because we've always wondered if little green men walked on the red planet...

So, where do you stand on the subject of aliens? Non-believer, skeptic, fanatic, unopinionated? The existence of aliens, or extraterrestial beings, have long been debated and questioned in the history of mankind. A by-product of the naturally curious and over-imaginative human mind or a myth created over time to explain the occurences of the unexplainable? In this latest episode, we bring you the lowdown on our 'other-worldly neighbours'. Literally.


There are many things in today's world that are unaccounted for and have been atrributed to the interference of these beings -
the giant statues in Easter Island, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and probably the most infamous of them all, crop circles. Of course, it could be argued that the only astonishing factor about the 450 feet tall and 13 acres wide Great Pyramid is the unrelenting determination and ingenuity of man. But how is it possible that such a gargantuan monument was built without a single flaw? Each side is 756 feet in length at the base and no side is more than eight inches different in length to another and the whole pyramid is aligned perfectly to the points of the compass. Even if we overlooked the undeniable problem of technology-related limitations, the idea of the pyramids, Stonehenge and statues of Easter Island is still something of a bafflement. How could the people of ancient times have possibly built such architectural wonders with limited to none of the technology we see today? So many unanswered questions bog these creations down. How could the people of ancient times have managed to lift tones and tones of bricks 450 feet high with no help whatsoever from machines we know today as cranes? Really. Makes you wander if they really did get help from otherworldly creatures. Which brings us to our next point. Crop circles.

The first reported crop circle was in 1678 in Hertfordshire, UK, there have been over 5,000 reported cases since. Crop circles have a tendency to pop out overnight, thus provoking questions as to how they were formed. Many farms have reported crop circles after going to bed with perfectly lined corn rows and waking up to a field of strangely shaped symmetrical patterns of flattened crops. We're not talking about miniature artistic bouts, mind you. We're talking about shapes occupying areas as large as 200,000 sq feet. Some reported cases have even had eye-witnesses claiming they saw beams of light coming from the sky prior to the formation of crop circles at that particular area. There have even been rumours saying that these crop circles were actually masterminded by 2 sexagenarians named Doug and Dave.

But then again. People have all too often proven that crop circles can, in fact, be man-made. As proven by CircleMakers, these crop circles can actually be made by us mere human beings with the simplest of tools and in the shortest of times. With some planks, ropes and a creative mind, one can be on ones way to making the weird and the wacky happen. So if the mysterious appearances of crop circles could actually be the undoings of a bunch of 13 year-old punks, where does that leave the aliens?

Uncle Sam. Oh yes. That little political organization responsible for just about every cock-up America faces. Every once in awhile, governments like to take control of public interest in unexplained phenomena by a process called 'debunking'. Debunking is a technique that was developed by the US government after WWII for the sad purpose of controlling mass opinion. It can only be assumed that these 'debunkers' were clocking in overtimes trying to cover the true nature of locations and happenings such as Area 51 and the 1947 Roswell crash. Was Area 51 really a testing ground for military air-crafts? Or was it another smoke screen cooked up by the US government to conveniently hide the existence of alien landings and sightings? What else has the US government hidden from the public? Are there anymore, or rather many more sites such as these to be found? Who knows?

There have been too many incidents that have alien connotations connected to them and too many unanswered questions. Unless these otherworldly beings make contact with us, we may never actually be able to prove their existence or have legitimate answers to the questions we ask. As Agent Mulder summarizes it very amptly:

"The truth is out there"

Wise words indeed, Agent Mulder.