Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Because there is no spoon...

ESP. Extra Sensory Perception. What is ESP? Who has this extra perception? Who doesn't? Are humans capable of having this ESP? And if so, how do we know they do? Can it be proven? So many questions. And yet. So little answers.

"Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, Better than witnessing newborn nebulaes in bloom". Incubus- Nice to Know you. [Morning View]

We've all heard of the amazing Uri Geller and his ability to bend spoons and keys. Is the act of moving things with one's mind (or better known as tele- or psychokinesis) possible in reality? We've seen Prue Halliwell and countless amounts of demons display this 'power' in abundance on Charmed. Some have claimed that they can indeed move things with their minds and this act can actually be self-taught. Google the words tele-kinesis and you will find website after website advertising their teachings on how to move things without physical contact. Those who claim to have this type of ESP have said that during the act of moving an object, they can see this object in their mind, every electron and every molecule. The object in their mind is then manipulated to move as they wish it to.

Science has, until now, failed to prove this. Moving something without physical contact is deemed impossible to the world of Science. After all, in Science everything can be explained with one theory or another. For example, in Uri Geller's case, scientists have refuted his 'special' ablity by claiming that that is just merely a 'sleight-of-hand' trick that most magicians would be able to pull off. But would a normal magician be able to pull such a trick over long-distances? In 1973, Geller appeared on a live British radio broadcast and demonstrated his skills. A skeptic would say, "Yeah well the radio jockey probably got paid hush money." Well, if that is so, then how does one explain the many calls that were received from astonished homes who reported a wide-spread epidemic of spontaneously bending metal utensils, conincidentally after Geller finished his demonstration? Do you put this down to one of the best hoaxes in the history of, well, hoaxes, or just possibly, proof of existing Extra Sensory Perception in human life?

But wait. Before you scoff at the absurdity of this post, think hard about ESP. Strain a neuron if you have to (By the way, Adeline and Karen takes no responsibility for injuries or bodily damage). Think hard about any event in your life that happened and which you might have thought was a little bit out of the normal loop. Thought of it? Good. Well, this exceptional perception also includes telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, mediumship and psychometry. To the clueless, here's a basic explanation of what the above mental abilities are.

Telepathy - the ability to read another person's thoughts.

Clairvoyance - the ability to "see" events or objects happening somewhere else.

Precognition - the ability to see the future

Retrocognition - the ability to see into the distant past

Mediumship - the ability to channel dead spirits

Psychometry - the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object

This wide range of mental abilities are all parts of the ESP phenomenon. So, what you thought of, did it apply to any of the above? Even if it didn't, think about twins. Or specifically, how it's been claimed that twins often share a certain sense of bond that transcends our world of normalcy. Well, if you think that the whole theory about twin ESP is a whole lotta crock of bull, how do you then explain the existence of mediums? Consecutive cases of pure luck and coincidence? Man. Lady Luck must have gave birth to them if that's the case.

True story [Karen]: My mum went to a chinese medium once. Not so much because she wanted to know about the future, but more for the heck of it. I mean, a mutual family friend had previously visited this Freaky Medium Lady, and apparently she's THE real thing. So, my mum walks into the room. Before she even sits down, Freaky Medium Lady suddenly relates to her her life story. How she's a mom to three kids and is one of those traitorous Singaporeans who have immigrated to Malaysia. 'Course the freaky thing is she knew almost everything about the kids. She could explain our characters in great detail to my mum and even give a brief analysis about our strengths and weaknesses. And about 98.9% of what Freaky Medium Lady said was true. (I absolutely refuse to admit that I am that stubborn. Pfft. What stubbornness?). How the hell do you explain that?

Well, let's assume that ESP does exist. Then we would also have to assume that some people are going to be 'more powerful' than others. What makes some people more gifted than others? Is it because of the power that one harnesses in one's soul? Through accepting that the soul is the centre of all ESP abilities, then we would have to face another conundrum. Is there such a thing as the soul? Is there something inside us that is our rooted driving force in life? Do you need a lot of soul to exhibit ESP abilities? I know this is going to be refuted by some of you adamant skeptics, but, don't you need a lot of soul to carry a tune? Aretha Franklin, Eva Cassidy, even Tina Turner- they all have soul. So much that when listening to their tunes, some of us even get goosebumps and chills.

What's the point of this whole rant? It all comes down to number 21. No no, not the age where we attain supposed independence. 21 grams. The weight of a person that is lost when he/she dies. Is that due to the soul exiting the body or just cause of fluid retention, or something scientific to that effect? Since 1909, scientific experiments have been conducted to investigate this mysterious event. Recent scientists have however, argued that the weight loss is attributed to the sudden rise in body temperature at death, when the blood stops being air-cooled via its circulation through the lungs. Sweating and moisture evaporation caused by the sudden rise in body temperature would account for the drop in the humans’ weight. However, even with the scientific debate raging, it would be unwise to disregard the possible existence of a human's soul and it's technical connections to the phenomenon of ESP.

Remember kids. Just 'cause you can't explain it, doesn't mean it isn't real.