Monday, September 12, 2005

Because you have got to have heard about this already...

Quoting a news network's sidebar: "Bush: The worst disaster to hit the U.S in recent history" (read into that, what you may...)

So, Mother Nature once again, proves that she is a mighty force to reckon with. The disaster that occured in New Orleans just recently have only served to fortify her true strength, we humans too often take for granted. Yes, we could go on and on about how sad and depressing the incident was, and how like Marvin the Paranoid Android said in Hitchhiker's Guide, "It's all going to end in tears", but really. Where's the conspiracy in that?

We throw this question to you: Why did the government of USA, undoubtedly the strongest in the world (in terms of economic and military power) choose to react so slowly in dealing with the aftermath of the disaster?
Fact: The majority of residents in New Orleans are African-American. More accurately, African-Americans make up a total of 67.25% of the demographic there- or at least according to Wikipedia it does.

Fact: The idea of a 'United' States of America has often been considered one of the greatest ironies . History tells us that racial lines have proven to be a source of tension time and again in America. Since the early days of slavery during Abraham Lincoln's time to the divided 1960s during the Civil Rights War, and even to present day America with the controversial election of Bush as president in 2000, America has constantly proved itself unable to maintain a united front. Therefore it comes to no surprise that racial lines would be incited in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

(Side feminist rant, Karen: By the way, why are typhoons and hurricanes, source of disasters basically, given female names?! The connotations. Jeez. What? We will destroy everything when we somehow hold an ounce of power? Jesus Christ.)

The goverment of America did not respond immediately to the events, leaving masses stranded at the Superbowl stadium and others stranded in the confines of their house. Rescue operations were conducted pretty slow, considering that this is the very same country that entered Iraq without much hesitations and delay. Where were the same speedy troops? Did it matter less because this wasn't about oil?

We propose that there is a major correlation between the delay in rescue operations and the issue of race in regards to the tragedy in New Orleans. The fact that the general population merely earns average wages as well come into play. What can a bunch of black people who don't contribute as much to the economy offer to America? Keep in mind, this should not be read as a racist statement. Ad and I are peace-loving people who believe in 'a fair go' and doing whatever that rocks your boat. Just check the facts. African-Americans on average are more likely to drop out of high school, be unemployed, and earn less than a Anglo-American would. Statistics are worth a thousand words. Less people to take out unemployment benefits, means more money for military expenditure. More money for military expenditure, means a more powerful America. And a more powerful America, means a happy Bush! (The flip side: A happy Bush, means many unhappy fervant anti-Bush supporters.)

The fact that blacks are more likely to vote Democrat should also be taken into account. In presidential elections, voting lines have been the same for ages. The east and west coasts of America will vote Democrat while the middle bits will support the Republicans. It is also not a coincidence that Middle America is primarily populated by whites (think Texan hicks and Alabama hill-billies) while immigrants from foreign countries and blacks generally live in the east or west coasts. No doubt, Bush, a Republican, has not have an easy presidency. The guy has received plenty of flack from everyone and anyone. Some still insist that he isn't a legitimate president! So, wouldn't it be such a convenience if plenty of African-Americans aren't there to vote in the next election?